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IHS Hydrocarbon Base Filtration System

Advantages :

• Low Emission (Except maybe NOx)

• No engine modification required

• Safer (Less Flammable)

• Can be blended in any proportion with petroleum diesel fuel.

• High Flashpoint (>3000F)

• High cetane number & excellent lubricity.

Disadvantages :

• Lower Energy content (6-9% less energy per unit volume B100 & Less then 1% for B2-B10

• Soybean oil –based biodiesel will start to crystallize at around 00C.

• Biodiesel less oxidatively stable than petroleum diesel fuel. Old fuel can be acidic & form sediments & Varnish.

• Biodiesel fuel more susceptible to water contamination than conventional diesel fuel.

**Noted : Indonesia biodiesel grade using B10 – B20